advanced lawnmower simulator

the best retro game ever is back!

This is a powerful and accurate lawn mowing simulation. Choose from several different machines and ‘go get that grass’!

Originally launched as an April fools joke by the magazine Your Sinclair in 1988, it wasn’t until a year later that they admitted it was a joke. The game was written by editor Duncan MacDonald and received as one of the best games of the home computer era.

For the YouTube channel hotdog soup the original ZX Spectrum version of the game was recreated for iOS and macOS. The unique “Press M to mow” gameplay has been succesfully converted to the touch screen by the sheer ingenuity of what is now called “Tap to mow”.


• Select from six different lawnmowers
• Mow the lawn
• Avoid getting killed mid-mow
• Ten different game endings

Download Advanced Lawnmower Simulator now, it’s free!

The original Advanced Lawnmower Simulator was written in 1988 by Duncan MacDonald for Your Sinclair Magazine.

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