how to convert an fmf video file to mp4

For my YouTube channel I wanted to be able to record video within the Fuse emulator and then use that footage in Final Cut Pro X. Unfortunately FCPX does not support .fmf files, the Fuse Movie Format.

Luckily the Fuse Utils contain a nifty video converter called fmfconvert which can be used to convert the .fmf file to an .mkv video file as follows:

fmfconvert -i inputfile.fmf -o outputfile.mkv

using Handbrake

Then the resulting mkv file can then be converted to mp4 by using Handbrake:

  • open Handbrake
  • drag & drop the .mkv file you created with fmfconvert (or select it using the “Open Source” button)
  • select “MP4” in the “Format:” drop down
  • choose a destination file path with the “Save As:” button
  • click the “Start” button at the top of the screen to start the conversion.