dotty the kangaroo zx now ready for speed runs

My recreation of the 1984 ZX Spectrum BASIC type-in game “Dotty The Kangaroo ZX” has been updated. I added support for Game Center™ so you can now earn achievements and your highest score will be submitted to a leaderboard.

There is also a Speed Run leaderboard, which displays speed run times. Yes, you can now speed run Dotty The Kangaroo, 35 years after it was released and when speed running wasn’t a thing.

To start a speed run:
• on macOS, press the ‘S’ key to start the game in speed run mode.
• on iOS, double tap to start the game in speed run mode (instead of single tapping).
• complete the 4 levels twice (normal and hard mode) and your fastest time will be recorded in the Speed Run Leaderboard.

My personal best speed run time is recorded in the leaderboard. Can you beat it?

Download Dotty The Kangaroo ZX now. It’s free!