joystick waggling games of the 80s

In 8 bit gaming, many joysticks were destroyed due to “joystick waggling”, the process of rapidly moving the joystick from side to side, usually to build up speed or power in a game. I’m not talking about game controllers here, but joysticks.

I tried to compile a list of games that featured joystick waggling. Here it is; if you have additions to this list, let me know!

List of 80s joystick waggling games

  • Action Force 2
  • Activision Decathlon (C64)
  • Ancient Games (C64)
  • Aquatic Games
  • Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing
  • Blood ‘n Guts (C64)
  • Bobo Stir Crazy (Amiga)
  • Combat School
  • California Games
  • Daley Thompson’s Decathlon
  • Daley Thompson’s Super Test (C64)
  • Decathlon (Atari 2600)
  • Epyx Olympic (C64)
  • HES Games (C64)
  • Hyper Sports
  • International Championship Athletics
  • Joystick Power (Sam Coupé)
  • Raw Recruit
  • Red Heat (mini game)
  • Sex Games (C64)
  • Summer Games
  • Track&field (C64)
  • Viz
  • Waggle-o-mania (Amiga)
  • Winter Games
  • WWF Wrestle Mania (C64)
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