how to remove your business from Apple Maps

If you own a business, either as a sole proprietor or as a corporation, your company may be listed on Apple Maps. To edit your company information on Apple Maps you can claim locations in the Maps app (either on macOS, iOS or iPadOS) and then they will be available for editing if you sign into the Apple Business Connect tool with your Apple Account.

You can verify your business or locations in Apple Business Connect by providing Apple with relevant documents. Afterwards you can even upload your logo, banner image and even photos of your company.

That’s all nice and dandy of course, but deleting a location or an entire business is a different story. You may want to delete your business from Apple Maps, for example if you have no visiting address for customers, if you have a home office and want to keep your privacy, or if your business is situated in a country where privacy protections are in place for specific individuals or companies.

Unfortunately, deleting a location or business is impossible in Apple Business Connect. Apple won’t let you, which is of course terribly annoying and possibly even a data leak or infringement of privacy laws in various countries.

things that don’t work

  • If you set a location to “permanently closed” in Apple Business Connect it will NOT be deleted from Apple Maps.
  • If you remove a location from Apple Business Connect, it will only be removed from your account but will NOT be deleted from Apple Maps.
  • If you report an error using the Maps app, there is NO option to delete a location.
  • If you contact support through Apple Business Connect, you won’t get an answer, even if the issue is escalated to another team.
  • If you contact the Apple Privacy Response team, you won’t get an answer.

the thing that does work

In order to have your business or business location removed from Apple Maps, you need to contact the Maps Feedback team:

  • visit the Maps Feedback page for either macOS or iOS. (If you’re especially annoyed, do both.)
  • enter your name, company e-mail address and type the subject:”location removal request”
  • in the details, claim you are a business owner that wishes one or more locations to be deleted completely from Apple Maps and all its related databases and systems.
  • specify exactly at which address, postal code, city and country the location is situated.
  • in the comments, specify that the business location is not available as a visiting address to customers using the Maps app. (You can try a different reason but they may not grant your request.)
  • in the comments, you could refer to any laws protecting your business from having a private address, depending on your country.

You will receive a case ID from Apple and in a few days your business or business location will be deleted from Apple Maps.

To check if your location was truly deleted please note that you need to clear your Maps Search history before attempting to, because the search results may have been cached on your device.

Apple Business Connect

After deleting your location(s), they may still be annoyingly visible in Apple Business Connect. If you need to have your business or locations deleted from there too, you need to contact the Apple Business Connect Team. Don’t expect an answer however, I never got any.