the hotdog soup button / badge / pin

Being an 80s kid, I lived the life of badges. Badges were everywhere. They were called “buttons” actually, and they became a part of the New Wave fashion style.

Any brand would have buttons. Shops, supermarkets or electronics chains would have collectible series of buttons. Household products like crisps or cereals would have buttons in them. Or you could win them. People collected them and wore them, especially on bags or denim jackets. Buttons could be funny, promotional or political. They could be worn as a form of protest, or just to be “cool”.

Artists and bands had buttons that you bought at their concerts. Or they came with their records. Almost every artist in the 80s sold buttons, tons of them.

Famously, Rik (Rik Mayall) in The Young Ones wore buttons on his jacket.

Continuing the buttons craze, but also inspired by the much coveted Your Sinclair (YS) badge, I decided to launch my very own hotdog soup buttons. They’re great!

You cannot buy them, you can only earn them, just like the YS badge. How? Watch my videos on YouTube and you will find out.

Yay! An ad!